It’s a beautiful day…to start a blog


I had decided to star a blog because I wanted a better purpose to go on the internet other than doing random stuff and bookmarking loads of sites that I say I’ll visit later but I never will.

This would be my fifth blog I have tried to start and will start. (hopefully)

on my first blog which I had created years ago…I ended up forgetting about it.

On my second blog I wrote about how my friend was going to leave and how she had came to my house at 9:30 am in the morning to say goodbye. I had just woken up at 9:20 am and was planning on going back to bed.

On my third one, I didn’t like the name so I decided to delete that one too.

On my fourth one, I can’t even remember why I deleted it.

Anyways, through out all the 4 blogs that I have attempted, I’ve failed to come up with what exactly I was going to blog about.

I though about what I really enjoy doing:

-Music (listening/ singing/ piano <–beginner)

-DIY (Sewing clothes)

So i’m guessing those are the things I’ll be blogging about (mostly)

I’m trying to be a daily blogger but I don’t think my life will be filled with excitement everyday (That is worth blogging). Just going to have to wait and see.


Enjoy the show.

(Going to sew a skater skirt soon! Need to go shopping for fabric!) XD