Money! Money! Money!Money! -Mr.Crabs

ImageBuy now! Thankyou! Thankyou. Please come again.

Lots of families have been doing a lot of garage sales and my sister spotted a pattern. Every sunday at around about 8-8:30, there are lots of cars just circling around our flats. You would think they’re some kind of stalkers. They just keep going around the flats over and over again until they spot someone setting out their garage sale. Lucky for us, we were the first to setup. My sister and I had been planning this for a few days and now the time had come.

So we decided to set up our own garage sale. We were talking about how to earn money and I suppose this was our chance.

~traveling back 30 minute~

We had already gotten the stuff we were going to sell down into our store room the day before. We then looked around to see if there was anyone setting up for their garage sale. Nobody was out. We started getting a bit worried and when we finally spotted life, we found it to be worker checking out a car or something. So then we sat on the swings in the playground and just wasted a bit of time. We then started getting suspicious of cars that were just going back and forth the same road over and over and over and over and over again. Finally we decided to setup our garage sale. For some weird reason my sister wanted to set it up under another building so we had to carry all our stuff to the other place.

We first took out a water filter and a blender. The moment we placed it on the floor there were already people stepping out of their cars. They asked how much the filter and the blender was and me and sister were just so flushed with the rush of people just circling around us. I ran to get a second batch of stuff and left my sister there with very impatient people. We sold both of them for $30 (which we regretted later on) . We were so excited. We had our first sale and there were plenty more people still parking their cars. Me and my sister were racing back and forth to get more stuff.

I was holding a bunch of fake flowers and 2 small vase when a lady came up to me and asked if there is were more to come. She looked so eager. It was a little bit scary. Then my sister decided to leave me with the sea full of people shouting ‘How much? How much sister?’ I was so over whelmed that I ran out of the crowd and shouted for my sister but she didn’t reply. I then left the sale. Yes. I left the sale there with the people.

She wasn’t in the store room so then I ran back to the sale and then a old lady quickly came up to me and said some things and handed me some money, just as she payed me she quickly threw something else on her pile to. wait!You haven’t payed for that! Wait! is what I was supposed to say but I was overwhelmed so she got away. I felt horrible for quiet a while. My sister then returned with a box full of money. I then kept nagging at her to never leave me alone with so many people.

We were so busy with bringing all the things out and with the people asking how much everything was.

Things were probably stolen and under priced. Hmmmm. When we said something was $4 there mouth would drop to the floor. They kept asking for discounts and everything to be $1. No. Some people even asked things for FREE. No. Not happening.

Anyways, we had had our peak of our sale. Now there were other garage sales going on too. They all dispersed to the other sales.  We then just stood there just waddling around. During the sale we had this family that kept coming back to our sale and buying stuff and then we had this huge price battle between the plate set that we had never used; denim jacket; sunglasses and a bunch of books. They kept coming back insisting to sell all that for $25 but we kept disagreeing. When they had come back after finally deciding that they would buy the whole thing for our price, the plate set and the denim jacket was already bought by some other family.

At the end of the sale we had made $184!! Nearly $200! We then split the money. We each got $92. Even after the sale we had lots of stuff including clothes left. So we’re going to do the sale again next week!

Clothes don’t sell very well….

Anyways, personally I think it was a great success considering it was our first EVER garage sale.



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