There’s a reason for it! There must be.

There is.


It might seem a bit weird…but I do believe everything happens for a reason, regardless of whether it was for the good, bad or the ugly.

And the people we meet. They weren’t something that was just thrown to you. it’s actually a pretty cool. Out of the entire world population (7,000000000 and more) you path have crossed over with that particular persons and have met for a reason. And when life is dragging you down or making you feel like crap, just know that something awesome will happen in the future.shadowtextphpechoQuotesAndSayings_54393508e2613eed2edbaf0b94d8d94d

If you failed in something that you worked ever so hard on then something good will still come of it. You know the whole thing about silver lining.  tumblr_l9p8odH38d1qdwetoo1_400



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