Love. Typical…


I’m glad I have siblings and the fact that I’m  the middle child.

Today I was practically like a slug. Making very slow progress. I don’t even think I was making any progress.

-Woke up early today to do another garage sale. It wasn’t as successful as our first time but we still made some money 😀 YA! Got like 6-7 hours of sleep. Feeling sluggish.

-Parents had  a really weird -not quiet an  argument- about how much oil you should put in when you start cooking food. In the end they ended up laughing and telling us about when their parents would cook. Good moments 🙂

-Spent the rest of the day lying around because wifi was being a female dog.

The thing that changed my day around was when my brother had gone out to the park and he was trying to make new friends. He didn’t really know what to do so he just played by himself. Six years old. Then the kids he was trying to make friends with left. So he just hung about in the playground. Our mum saw him and went outside and took loads of pictures with him to give him company. All his old friends had left. He came back all sluggish like me and we sat there watched a movie. After that I saw a little kid on their own (or so I thought) so I quickly called my brother to go say hi or go out to play with him. He lit up so bright. It even made me happy.  Now he’s got a friend. Although it’s just one friend right now, that awesome friend will help him to expand my bros social circle. 🙂

As much as you think you hate them you just can’t help but love your siblings.  ❤


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