Tuff Luck.

Yes, I am truly a saddo. I was going to start a new blog but I like the theme in this blog 😀 I’m going to stay as committed as I can. I’m not going to try doing something crazy like blogging everyday because I choose a REALLY good time to start of my blog again. Just a week before my end of year exam -.- 

I had planned to start a new blog a few months ago but I never actually go around to doing it. I wonder where I would be if I had…

The thing that gave me the “spark” to restart the blog was so I am able to express my, thoughts and mostly my anger. Here I go.

I left my old school in the middle of the year and now, here I am in a new school. I’ve only been in the school for a month or so and it’s only March but my end of year exams are about to happen in a weeks time. I had my English writing test today and  I have a maths test on Thursday. I’m pathetic at maths ._. During my change between school, I had missed a WHOLE MONTH of school. What was even worse was that my new school was teaching completely different things. A large majority of my teachers had expected my to catch up on work worth 3 terms in a few weeks. I was so stunned, I didn’t even care. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling before. You have so much work to do that your mind explodes and then you just don’t care. You have no feelings concerning it. 

My sister, during the month of no school, kept pestering me to study by my self and I did. But I wasn’t sure what exactly I was suppose to be ‘learning’. I kept revising the things I had recently learned in my previous school. That, honestly, didn’t take me anywhere. I only got the sudden urge to restart this blog because I was doing maths past papers and I realized, I’m not getting anywhere and got really frustrated. I needed to take the frustration out somewhere. I keep worrying because the test is in a few days and I’m certainly not prepared but that really can’t be helped. All I can do is work through the paper and when ever I get stuck, I’ll try and figure it out using resources. (I just motivated my self 😀 ) 

I’m going to take a short break and then continue with the past paper. I need to do this. 

I’m probably going to laugh at this post when I look back in a few days ._.

Wish me good luck 😀


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