Here we go.

The night before my maths, I sit and read mangas, watch animes, read other peoples blogs. What am I doing with my life? ._.

I know what exactly is going to happen to me tomorrow. I open the test papers and it’s either “yea, I get this, woooohooo, yea, oh no, wait, what is this…oh holy cow, I’m screwed” OR “Skip.Skip.Skip. Hmm. Nope. Skip.”

Happy days.

I have finished going through a past paper so I’m not THAT lazy. I just don’t have any will power to do any more ‘revision’ more like, ‘oh my gosh, when were we taught that’. And by the time its over and I get my terrible results, I’ll say to my self, you should have studied you idiot. But no, we must encourage POSITIVE thinking 😀 I’m telling myself, I can do this. And If I don’t make it, I can proudly say, I did my best. 


just stopped and started watching youtube videos XD

Have a nice day 🙂



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