It’s mothers day. And I didn’t give my mum anything. Yes, I’m a horrible child.


Actually, my mum and I never actually did the whole mothers day thing. It was only a few years back that I actually gave her something. The first time, my sister and I didn’t know how to give it to her so we just left her presents on her bed. Later that day, she frantically came running to me asking where the things on the bed came from and whose it was. It was actually quiet hard to explain to her what exactly mothers day was. The funny thing was, she was extremely reluctant to accept the gift my sister and I had bought…with our own money. And this pretty much repeated for the new few years.

I don’t really feel good about the fact that I didn’t giver her anything but our movers have only finally arrived and all of us in the family have been rummaging through the boxes trying to find our belongings. The even worse thing is, it’s a MASSIVE distraction for me since my end of year tests are all going to happen throughout this week and tomorrow I have a Maths, English and French test. Yepiie. 

But a distraction even worse than the movers, is the classic: internet. Mainly focusing on manga. I was uncontrollably addicted to this manga I was recently reading and just couldn’t stop. I spent the whole day yesterday reading that manga ._. don’t feel good about that. But the key word here, my dear readers, is ‘WAS’. I WAS uncontrollably addicted to it. I WAS recently reading it.

Actually, the only reason I stopped reading it was because I was at its latest chapter. Now I have to wait. Humph. I don’t like waiting. But this time, I’m grateful.

Being under the horrible pressure to catch up on school work/revise (ha, things I haven’t even learned), I snacked. Like a lot. On digestive biscuits. Chocolate covered digestive biscuits. Right now, it all feels well. But I know for a FACT that when the sun rises tomorrow, the feelings won’t be the same .___.

Ha. Ha. Go me, I’m so funny. 

😀 Annyyyywho, have an awesome tomorrow 🙂

I surely will try. Keyword: TRY.

Hope all the mums out there know that they are awesome. Can’t believe mine has still kept me 😉



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