GOOOAAALLLL!…..I need a goal.

I need goals. Everyone needs goals.

I REALLY desperately need goals.

Goals aren’t suppose to be easy but they can or should be fun 🙂 Obviously to get where you want (your goal) your going to have to work hard and commit to it whether it is long term or short term.

The importance of setting a goal:

-It give you something to be focused on.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I really like being busy with short breaks now and then. When I have nothing to do, I feel useless and that every single thing I do has no meaning to it and that I’m wasting my time.  When I have a goal, I can vision what I need to do and why. Like recently, I had my end of year tests and I studied with dedication because I had a lot to catch up on and I wanted to do well in my new school.

-It give you a sense of purpose.

I would like to say that only recently I have felt like I had no purpose being alive but It’s not. Every long holidays, regardless of what I’m doing, I feel it all adds up to nothing. Absolutely and utterly nothing. And I think it’s true because I spend most of my time watching animes, Korean drama, tv sit-cons and reading mangas.  Your probably thinking “well obviously, since your doing those things” but I just cannot help it. Just saying, I’m not some idiot, I do good in school, I swear 🙂 It’s pretty addicting. I sometimes even feel like I have some addiction problem with those things and so I keep my distance for a while. Any-who,If I have a goal and I work towards it, I will be able to take short breaks where I can do those things. I need to balance things out in my life.

-It’s pure motivation

When you know what you want and you know you want it desperately, it can be your fuel that drives you to new opportunities and dreams. It motivates you to keep going. And just like any fuels, it will run out so you need to keep refilling it. You need to keep peering at your goal and you must understand why you are doing what you are doing. Sometimes you just need some really cheesy way of inspiring you such as music or those seriously deep quotes that sometimes make your heart turn into a raisin or those that shatter that glass in your head that was sugar coating everything.

Obviously there are more benefits in having a goal, but that’s all I need to keep me going 😀

Go out there and make some goals peeps!

Here is the whole ‘smart goal’ thing \( ‘ U ‘ ) /