GOOOAAALLLL!…..I need a goal.

I need goals. Everyone needs goals.

I REALLY desperately need goals.

Goals aren’t suppose to be easy but they can or should be fun 🙂 Obviously to get where you want (your goal) your going to have to work hard and commit to it whether it is long term or short term.

The importance of setting a goal:

-It give you something to be focused on.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I really like being busy with short breaks now and then. When I have nothing to do, I feel useless and that every single thing I do has no meaning to it and that I’m wasting my time.  When I have a goal, I can vision what I need to do and why. Like recently, I had my end of year tests and I studied with dedication because I had a lot to catch up on and I wanted to do well in my new school.

-It give you a sense of purpose.

I would like to say that only recently I have felt like I had no purpose being alive but It’s not. Every long holidays, regardless of what I’m doing, I feel it all adds up to nothing. Absolutely and utterly nothing. And I think it’s true because I spend most of my time watching animes, Korean drama, tv sit-cons and reading mangas.  Your probably thinking “well obviously, since your doing those things” but I just cannot help it. Just saying, I’m not some idiot, I do good in school, I swear 🙂 It’s pretty addicting. I sometimes even feel like I have some addiction problem with those things and so I keep my distance for a while. Any-who,If I have a goal and I work towards it, I will be able to take short breaks where I can do those things. I need to balance things out in my life.

-It’s pure motivation

When you know what you want and you know you want it desperately, it can be your fuel that drives you to new opportunities and dreams. It motivates you to keep going. And just like any fuels, it will run out so you need to keep refilling it. You need to keep peering at your goal and you must understand why you are doing what you are doing. Sometimes you just need some really cheesy way of inspiring you such as music or those seriously deep quotes that sometimes make your heart turn into a raisin or those that shatter that glass in your head that was sugar coating everything.

Obviously there are more benefits in having a goal, but that’s all I need to keep me going 😀

Go out there and make some goals peeps!

Here is the whole ‘smart goal’ thing \( ‘ U ‘ ) /



It’s mothers day. And I didn’t give my mum anything. Yes, I’m a horrible child.


Actually, my mum and I never actually did the whole mothers day thing. It was only a few years back that I actually gave her something. The first time, my sister and I didn’t know how to give it to her so we just left her presents on her bed. Later that day, she frantically came running to me asking where the things on the bed came from and whose it was. It was actually quiet hard to explain to her what exactly mothers day was. The funny thing was, she was extremely reluctant to accept the gift my sister and I had bought…with our own money. And this pretty much repeated for the new few years.

I don’t really feel good about the fact that I didn’t giver her anything but our movers have only finally arrived and all of us in the family have been rummaging through the boxes trying to find our belongings. The even worse thing is, it’s a MASSIVE distraction for me since my end of year tests are all going to happen throughout this week and tomorrow I have a Maths, English and French test. Yepiie. 

But a distraction even worse than the movers, is the classic: internet. Mainly focusing on manga. I was uncontrollably addicted to this manga I was recently reading and just couldn’t stop. I spent the whole day yesterday reading that manga ._. don’t feel good about that. But the key word here, my dear readers, is ‘WAS’. I WAS uncontrollably addicted to it. I WAS recently reading it.

Actually, the only reason I stopped reading it was because I was at its latest chapter. Now I have to wait. Humph. I don’t like waiting. But this time, I’m grateful.

Being under the horrible pressure to catch up on school work/revise (ha, things I haven’t even learned), I snacked. Like a lot. On digestive biscuits. Chocolate covered digestive biscuits. Right now, it all feels well. But I know for a FACT that when the sun rises tomorrow, the feelings won’t be the same .___.

Ha. Ha. Go me, I’m so funny. 

😀 Annyyyywho, have an awesome tomorrow 🙂

I surely will try. Keyword: TRY.

Hope all the mums out there know that they are awesome. Can’t believe mine has still kept me 😉


Here we go.

The night before my maths, I sit and read mangas, watch animes, read other peoples blogs. What am I doing with my life? ._.

I know what exactly is going to happen to me tomorrow. I open the test papers and it’s either “yea, I get this, woooohooo, yea, oh no, wait, what is this…oh holy cow, I’m screwed” OR “Skip.Skip.Skip. Hmm. Nope. Skip.”

Happy days.

I have finished going through a past paper so I’m not THAT lazy. I just don’t have any will power to do any more ‘revision’ more like, ‘oh my gosh, when were we taught that’. And by the time its over and I get my terrible results, I’ll say to my self, you should have studied you idiot. But no, we must encourage POSITIVE thinking 😀 I’m telling myself, I can do this. And If I don’t make it, I can proudly say, I did my best. 


just stopped and started watching youtube videos XD

Have a nice day 🙂


Tuff Luck.

Yes, I am truly a saddo. I was going to start a new blog but I like the theme in this blog 😀 I’m going to stay as committed as I can. I’m not going to try doing something crazy like blogging everyday because I choose a REALLY good time to start of my blog again. Just a week before my end of year exam -.- 

I had planned to start a new blog a few months ago but I never actually go around to doing it. I wonder where I would be if I had…

The thing that gave me the “spark” to restart the blog was so I am able to express my, thoughts and mostly my anger. Here I go.

I left my old school in the middle of the year and now, here I am in a new school. I’ve only been in the school for a month or so and it’s only March but my end of year exams are about to happen in a weeks time. I had my English writing test today and  I have a maths test on Thursday. I’m pathetic at maths ._. During my change between school, I had missed a WHOLE MONTH of school. What was even worse was that my new school was teaching completely different things. A large majority of my teachers had expected my to catch up on work worth 3 terms in a few weeks. I was so stunned, I didn’t even care. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling before. You have so much work to do that your mind explodes and then you just don’t care. You have no feelings concerning it. 

My sister, during the month of no school, kept pestering me to study by my self and I did. But I wasn’t sure what exactly I was suppose to be ‘learning’. I kept revising the things I had recently learned in my previous school. That, honestly, didn’t take me anywhere. I only got the sudden urge to restart this blog because I was doing maths past papers and I realized, I’m not getting anywhere and got really frustrated. I needed to take the frustration out somewhere. I keep worrying because the test is in a few days and I’m certainly not prepared but that really can’t be helped. All I can do is work through the paper and when ever I get stuck, I’ll try and figure it out using resources. (I just motivated my self 😀 ) 

I’m going to take a short break and then continue with the past paper. I need to do this. 

I’m probably going to laugh at this post when I look back in a few days ._.

Wish me good luck 😀

I think I have muscles now *_*


Ahaha, my arm hurts just writing this.

My arm is currently under quiet some pain.  It all started when I had to take my cousin to the park and she just didn’t want to stand. So I ended up carrying her around in my right arm, just walking about the playground. I din’t know how much pain it was causing my right arm until I took her back to my house and sat her on the floor. At that time I could barely lift a Lego piece. -_-

If mums get aching pains like this for carrying a child in their arms, gosh. I have even more respect more all the moms out there. Truly. Mothers are amazing. Women are amazing. (but men are still amazing too : D ) <— haha looks like a very chubby guy.

-life is weird, enjoy it