”I’m addicted to you”-Avicii

I’m not going to lie. I hated it when my friends had smartphones while I didn’t. My friends with smartphones would have more things to ‘talk’ about because they could do the same things together while I would have to sit in the sidelines and just watch them.
Every time I see a kid younger than me with their head sucked into a little screen, I tend to be amused. I tend to be sad at the same time for me and the kid.

Watching this video, it just makes me more depressed about life because all of it is true. We live in a technology consumed society. It’s ridiculously hard to believe that people in the past used to live without internet while for others it’s phones or both.

I absolutely hate it when I meet up with my friend and all she does is go on her phone. She just sits there scrolling and watching pointless videos while I’m there waiting to see if she even realizes I’m still there!

The thing is, I got a smartphone recently myself and because I didn’t have a phone before, it was like jumping into an entirely new world.  The weird and crazy apps that are floating about in the app store. The fact that I could send messages to my sister through viber instantly, it was and still is fascinating for me.  I sound like I live in a cave…-_- I’m not addicted to my phone…yet, I’ll say yet because I don’t know what will happen in the future but I hope I never reach the ‘yet’.

To some extent I think that people use their phones in the streets to show that they aren’t ‘lonely’.  My friend from earlier, she is always on her phone when she is waiting for me to arrive so we can go to school together. I mean I get that but at least put it away and TALK to me when I come round to your house. Sometimes I thinks it’s her excuse for not talking to me because we have nothing to talk about.

What is really funny is that people have confessed that they rarely make any actual calls on their phones which kind of destroys the whole purpose of having a phone \(*-*)/ My mind just kind of explodes after that. There is no point in living any more =_=”

Smartphones are like drugs now a days, you’ll become addicted (‘let me just quickly check my tumblr, then my facebook, then my instagram, ok I’m done…wait no!’)  and you will have withdrawal symptoms like ‘I can’t live without my phone’ and some people respond with aggression…scary.

I don’t really have any more to write/say..for now.., it’s just the fact that watching this video kind of frightens me because all of it is the truth. The truth sure is scary.